UPN Client Sign-In (March 23, 2020 PREVIEW)

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The Workspot Clients support UPN (User Principal Name) sign-ins. These take the form of user@example.com or user@subdomain.example.com. These are mapped to your AD (Active Directory) usernames and domains as follows:

UPN Name

AD Equivalent






Where default is the default AD domain specified in Workspot Control under “Setup > Configuration > User Registration and Authentication.”

These credentials are verified by your AD server.


  • Control version. Workspot Control R12.6 and up.
  • Client versions. Workspot Windows Client 3.6.0 and up, and other Clients to follow. When older Clients are used, the user is asked to sign in as before, with AD-format credentials.
  • Workspot Enterprise Connector must be configured to communicate with your AD server (this will almost always be true already).

Configuring UPN Sign-In


UPN sign-in is enabled in Workspot Control at “Setup > Configuration > Registration and Authentication > Registration Options.” This is a global selection that affects all Client users.

UPN Sign-In on the Workspot Client


When single-sign-on (SSO) is configured in Workspot Control, users enter their UPN credentials only when signing into the Workspot Client for the first time and when their passwords change.

If SSO is disabled, they will enter their UPN credentials every time they launch the Client.

The request to select a new PIN only happens during activation, not later sign-ins.

After a successful sign-in, users see their Workspot Client dashboard as usual:


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