Workspot Control R12.6 Notes (March 28, 2020)

Robert Plamondon -

Release Type

Workspot Control R12.6 is a new release.

Tested Browsers

  • Chrome Versions 79.0.3945.130 and 80.0.3987.122.
  • Microsoft Edge 80.0.361.62
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer IE11 (11.864.17763.0)

New Features

  • Windows Client Version Control. Allows you to choose which versions of the Workspot Windows Client to use with different groups of users. Clients will be updated automatically (or not) according to the rules you set.
  • Improved HTML5 Client logging. Login failures cause by incorrect credentials or the desktop being unavailable are now logged in Control.
  • Faster desktop reimaging. Non-persistent pools set to reimage the desktop when the session ends now reimage their desktops more quickly.
  • UPN Sign-in. Registration optionally supports user’s account name in email/UPN format (user@doman.tld) rather than Active Directory format (domain\user). This is specified in “Setup > Configuration” for deployments using AD sign-in. (Azure AD already uses UPN format.)
    • This feature requires an updated client, such as the Workspot Windows Client 3.6.0.
    • See UPN Client Sign-In for more information.

Fixed Bugs

  • A bug that sometimes caused the Agent Installer to incorrectly claim “Agent is not registered” has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed that sometimes caused the SSO feature of the Workspot Windows Client to fail in kiosk mode, prompting users for credentials unnecessarily.

Known Issue

Deleting a Regional DR pool currently leaves the desktop VMs in the Azure recovery region.

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