Workspot Control R12.2 Notes (February 8, 2020)

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Release Type

Workspot Control R12.2 is a new release.

New Feature

Control R12.2 contains several new features:

  • Regional disaster recovery (Regional DR) saves backup copies of selected persistent desktop pools in a different Azure Region. If there is a failure in the parent region, you can activate the backups in the recovery region. Your users see their desktops as they were at the time of the most recent backup. When the outage ends, the recovery region desktops can be copied back to the parent region.
    • The recovery region must be in the same Azure geographic cluster as the parent region. For example, a pool in Canada East can have North Central US as a recovery region because both are in the “America” geographic cluster, but not UK West, which is in the “Europe” cluster.
    • See Regional Disaster Recovery in Workspot Control (February 6, 2020) for more information.
    • Contact Workspot to enable Regional DR on your account.


  • API screen shots. The API now allows you to take screen captures of desktops. The snapshot is of the login screen only; it returns nothing if there’s an active desktop session. When the screen shot is complete, the Status URL contains a link to the screen capture. This is typically used to debug boot issues, such as the desktop being unavailable because a Windows Update is being applied. The screen shot expires after 15 minutes.
  • Filtering desktops by more than one status. On the “Resources > poolname > Manage Virtual Desktops” pages, you can now select more than one status to display at a time. For example, Error OR Failed.

Known Issue

Deleting a Regional DR pool currently leaves its desktop VMs in the Azure recovery region.

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