Workspot iOS Client Release 4.0.1 (January 9, 2020)

Robert Plamondon -


Release Type

Hotfix release.

Release Location

Available in the iTunes App Store.

System Requirements

iOS 10 or higher.

Bug Fixes

  • When using an external keyboard with an iPad, the on-screen keyboard can now be fully dismissed.
  • On the iPhone X, a bug that prevented users from entering their password during their first-time use has been fixed.

Known Limitations

  • Some Command, Option, and Control keys do not work on Workspot remote desktops when the Apple Magic UK keyboard is used.
  • When multi-factor authentication is used, no error message is given if the multi-factor challenge is ignored by the user
  • When a user launches a desktop and cancels it before it opens, the next launch will not complete. Workaround: cancel the second launch. The next launch will work normally.
  • The "Disable SSO" Client setting does not work consistently with persistent Desktops.

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