Workspot Mac Client Release 3.5.0 (December 13, 2019)

Robert Plamondon -

Release Type

New release.

New Features

  • RD Gateway capacity scaling and redundancy. When more than one RD Gateway is specified in Workspot Control for a Workspot desktop pool or app, the Client selects one from this list, rather than being limited to a single gateway. See Capacity Scaling and Redundancy in RD Gateways.
  • End-users can now reboot their persistent Workspot desktops. See End-User Reboot of Workspot Desktops.
  • Enhanced error and event reporting.
  • Rendering performance improvements.
  • Connection information. Hovering the mouse over a desktop’s toolbar shows connection status.
  • Support for Control’s per-pool default login domain for desktops and apps.


Download from the Mac App Store.

Supported OS Versions

macOS 10.13 High Sierra and up.

Bug Fixes

  • When reconnecting after a lost connection, apps on secondary monitors are restored to the secondary monitors, not the primary monitor.
  • A bug that caused macOS 10.15 Catalina to prompt for permission for the Client to monitor the keyboard has been fixed.
  • In a multi-monitor desktop, RAIL applications may not show the macOS toolbar at the top of the window.

Known Issues

  • Azure AD users cannot log into Office 365 when it is configured as a Workspot Web App (as opposed to being launched from a browser). A ‘certificate not trusted’ dialog is displayed.
  • With RAIL applications, the app window does not lose focus when the Workspot Client main window is brought to the foreground.
  • When the network connection is interrupted, remote desktops may show the “Reconnecting” message but not reconnect. Workaround: Close and restart the desktop.

Details of New Features

Capacity Scaling and Redundancy in RD Gateways

The Workspot Mac Client now supports multiple RD Gateways for capacity scaling and high availability.

This is done through a simple mechanism: in Workspot Control, you can now select more than one RD Gateway as part of the pool definition. This list of Gateways is sent to the Client. When the Client needs to make a connection to a desktop, it selects a gateway at random from the list for that pool. If the connection fails, this process repeats.

Capacity scales roughly linearly with the number of Gateways. Redundancy and failover are inherent whenever two or more gateways are selected.

For existing pools, the list of RD Gateways is in Control at “Resources > VDI Pools > poolname > Actions > Edit.” The Gateway field is now a pull-down menu that allows you to select as many gateways as you like.

Workspot supports multiple gateways per pool only when the Gateways are all in the same region.

If you need more gateways to achieve redundancy, contact Workspot.

End-User Reboot of Workspot Desktops

End-users can now reboot their persistent Workspot desktops directly from the Client’s main page.

Enabling Desktop Reboot

This feature is enabled in Workspot Control under “Resources > VDI Pools > poolname > Actions > Edit,” for existing pools, or as part of the “Add Pool” workflow when creating a new pool. See Control: Desktop Pools for more information.

Using Desktop Reboot

Users will see a reboot button at the top right-hand corner of the desktop icon on the Client main page:


Clicking this button will pop up a confirmation message. If you click “Reboot,” the remote desktop reboots, and the reboot button spins slowly while the reboot is in process. The spinning stops and a notification pops up reporting success or failure of the reboot.


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