Workspot Agent 2.4.5 (December 10, 2019)

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Workspot Agent 2.4.5 is a feature release.

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Updating Desktops

  • Existing instances of the Agent on persistent desktops will auto-update.
  • Non-persistent desktops and published templates do not auto-update. To update the Agent in non-persistent pools, update their templates.

Updating Templates

To update templates (for example, in non-persistent pools):

  • Clone the existing template via “Setup > Cloud > cloudname > old_templatename > Clone.”
  • The cloned template will automatically boot into Draft mode and update the Agent after a brief delay.
  • When the Agent is updated (as shown in the “Agent Version” column), Publish the template via “Setup > Cloud > cloudname > new_templatename > Publish.”
  • Update any pools that are using the old template. Go to via “Resources > VDI Pools > poolname > Update Image.”
    • Select the newly published template by clicking “Select New,” then “Search.” Scroll until you find your new template, then press “Select.”
    • In the Schedule field, select the “On Log Off” button and set the “Force Update at” field to a future date (for example, three days in the future). Desktops will be updated when users log off (or their sessions time out) or when the forced update time occurs, whichever happens first.
    • Click “Save.”

New Features

  • The wsSetupComplete and wsRunOnce scripts can now be Powershell scripts (with a .ps1 extension). The previous .cmd scripts are still supported. Powershell takes precedence if both are present.
  • If the secure wallet on a desktop becomes corrupted, the Agent on that desktop can lose its registration with Control. The desktop still functions but is lost to Control. The desktop can be re-registered by:
    • Retrieving the pool’s Agent token from Control, and
    • Using the token as a parameter on the Workspot desktop via “C:\Program Files\Workspot Agent\reregister_poolvm.bat tokenvalue.”
  • Support for Azure Marketplace templates and Draft mode for templates.

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