Workspot Control R11.3 Notes (December 1, 2019)

Robert Plamondon -

Release Type

Workspot Control Release R11.3 is a new release.

New Features

  • Selected Azure Marketplace images are available as Control templates.
    • This feature will be fully available with the upcoming release of Workspot Agent 2.4.5.
    • The “Build Template” feature is available at “Setup > Cloud > cloudname > Build Template.”
    • Such templates can now be put into Draft mode and edited, put into Preview mode for limited testing, and Published mode for general use.



  • The user interfaces for desktop pools, RD Gateways, and templates are now Azure-region-aware.




  • A new Agent Token allows orphaned persistent desktops to be reconnected to Control. This feature will be fully supported with the upcoming release of Workspot Agent 2.4.5.



The functionality for the Content Repository feature has been removed from Control, as previously announced.

Known Issue

When a user is locked out from the Client during the first-time-use process for too many incorrect login attempts, they are locked out from further attempts for 15 minutes. This is shown in Control, but when the lock expires, Control still shows the user as locked. After 24 hours, a still-unsuccessful user must be unlocked from Control via “Users > username > User Profile > Actions > Manage > Unlock.”

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