Workspot Agent 2.4.1 (October 4, 2019)

Robert Plamondon -

Release Type

Workspot Agent 2.4.1 is a bug-fix release.

Download Location

Existing instances of the Agent auto-update. The Agent is also available at

Fixed Bugs

  • Agent is more resilient to the effects of Windows updates, which previously caused issues with some Windows 10 version 1903 updates.
  • During Agent auto-upgrade, if the $TEMP or $TMP environment variables were nonexistent or pointed to a nonexistent directory, the upgrade could fail. Note: This is fixed in Agent 2.4.1, but desktops running older versions and suffering from the bug will not be able to update to Agent 2.4.1. Fixing the $TEMP and $TMP environment variables in your templates and deployed desktops to point to existing, writeable directories will solve this problem.

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