Workspot Mac Client Release 3.2 (June 7, 2019)

Robert Plamondon -

Release Type

New features and bug fixes.


Mac App Store.

Supported OS Versions

macOS 10.12 and up.

New Feature: Multi-Monitor Support

client-mac-3.2-monitor-layout.pngMultiple monitors are supported in a horizontal line or vertical stack.

Multiple monitors are supported for Workspot desktops and RAIL apps if the Client system has its monitors in a simple horizontal line or vertical stack. T-shapes and grids are not supported. For best results, monitors should be shown on the “Display Preferences” pages as aligned and with no gaps between them, as shown above.

Multi-monitor operation is disabled by default. To enable, go to the Client’s “Preferences > RDP > Use all monitors for Remote Desktop” option is selected.


Bug Fixes

  • Multi-factor authentication challenges were set when laptop lids were closed.
  • When the user pressed “Cancel” on desktop/app connection messages, and then relaunched the desktop/app later, the connection message sometimes remained in the “Connecting” state.
  • Artifacts (gray patches) were seen as the desktop window was resized.

Known Limitations

  • When using external monitors via USB-C docking stations, the Workspot desktops or apps may show reduced rendering performance and may show display artifacts, especially when the desktop/app is in a window and the window is moved. Workaround: minimize the window and then restore it to force the screen to refresh.
  • With RAIL applications, the app window does not lose focus when the Workspot Client main window is brought to the foreground.
  • When a Workspot desktop is using two monitors and the network connection is lost and restored, all the application windows on the secondary monitor have migrated to the primary monitor. Workaround: Move them back.
  • The Client’s remote desktop resizing feature is not available on macOS 10.11.
  • The Microsoft Edge browser exits suddenly if you right-click on the address bar.
  • The Client does not detect the addition or removal of a monitor during a session.
  • If a desktop/app window is resized so it is larger than the local screen in one dimension, the remote session will freeze. Workaround: Resize back to a displayable size.
  • When the network connection is interrupted, remote desktops/apps may show the “Reconnecting” message but not reconnect.
  • Scrolling is sometimes jerky.
  • Desktop dialog is not getting dismissed after logging into persistent desktops when the Client’s “Disable SSO” option is enabled and the security policy’s “Enable Cached Credentials” is set to “no.”
  • If the user has desktops or apps with the same username but two different domains (domain1\user and domain2\user), the domains are not properly matched up to the desktops and apps, and the user has to re-enter the credentials manually.
  • A duplicate desktop icon is created on Client if a new end-user accepts the “New configuration available” option and then launches a desktop while the desktop pool is being resized.
  • If an end-user launches a full-screen desktop and then a full-screen app, the desktop may become inaccessible until the app is closed.
  • Within Workspot apps, trying to move a dialog box or other window may be jumpy rather than smooth.
  • With multi-factor authentication, if the user does not respond to the MFA challenge, the login attempt times out after five minutes with the message “The credentials you entered are incorrect."

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