Workspot Mac Client Release 3.1.0 (May 7, 2019)

Robert Plamondon -

Release Type

Bug fixes and new features.

Download Location

Download from the Mac App Store.

Supported OS Versions

  • macOS 10.11 and up.
  • Note: The future Release 3.2 of the Mac Client is expected to require macOS 10.13 and up.

New and Enhanced Features

  • In windowed mode, resizing the Workspot desktop/app window resizes the remote desktop/app display size. This is effective down to a windows size of 640x480 pixels. Smaller window sizes will show a partial desktop
  • Workspot desktop/app windows can be zoomed. Zoom is enabled in the Client’s “Preferences > RDP > Display” settings.
  • Auto-reconnect for dropped connections.

Bug Fixes

  • On the Apple British/UK Keyboard, the following keys now work as expected when connected to Workspot desktops/apps: ", @, \, |, ~. The #, €, ±, and § keys are not supported.
  • Microsoft Office applications on remote Windows desktops have a different appearance and lack some copy/paste functions on the Workspot Mac client compared to the Windows Client or a local Windows system.

Known Limitations

  • In Microsoft Excel apps, once a right-click submenu is opened, the submenu does not close and the right-click menu is not responsive if the cursor is returned to the right-click menu.
  • If a desktop/app window is resized so it is larger than the local screen in one dimension, the remote session will freeze. Workaround: Resize back to a displayable size.
  • When the network connection is interrupted, remote desktops/apps may show the “Reconnecting” message but not reconnect.
  • When the user presses “Cancel” on desktop/app connection messages, and then relaunches the desktop/app later, the connection message may remain stuck in the connecting state. Workaround: Cancel and relaunch again.
  • Scrolling is sometimes jerky.
  • Desktop dialog is not getting dismissed after logging into persistent desktops when the Client’s “Disable SSO” option is enabled and the security policy’s “Enable Cached Credentials” is set to “no.”
  • A duplicate desktop icon is created on Client if a new end-user accepts the “New configuration available” option and then launches a desktop while the desktop pool is being resized.
  • If an end-user launches a full-screen desktop and then a full-screen app, the desktop may become inaccessible until the app is closed.
  • Within Workspot apps, trying to move a dialog box or other window may be jumpy rather than smooth.
  • With multi-factor authentication, if the user does not respond to the MFA challenge, the login attempt times out after five minutes with the message “The credentials you entered are incorrect."
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