Workspot iOS Client Release 4.0.0 (April 8, 2019)

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Release Type

New feature release.

Release Location

iTunes App Store.

System Requirements

iOS 10 or higher.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Azure AD login (Azure Active Directory or Microsoft login) is now supported. Users can sign in to the Workspot Client using Azure AD authentication.
    • Azure AD authentication is most commonly chosen for its flexible multi-factor authentication (MFA).
    • End-users log into the Workspot Client using Azure AD. They log into their Workspot desktops and applications as before, typically using an Active Directory login.
    • Once Azure AD is enabled, all end-users must use Azure AD-capable Workspot Clients, such as the Workspot iOS Client 4.0.0 or the Workspot HTML5 Client.
    • The Workstation Client PIN is not supported when Azure AD is enabled.
    • When Azure AD is first enabled, users will be asked to re-enroll using Azure AD credentials.
    • Azure AD capability is disabled by default. Contact Workspot if you are interested in enabling it.
    • For more information, see Configuring Azure Active Directory in Workspot Control.
  • Azure AD conditional token support. Azure AD conditional access is now supported. (Previously, the Client used an Azure AD token type that did not support conditional access.) With conditional access tokens, you can configure Client access rules in Azure that depend on a variety of conditions. For example,  a user in  a random location might be required to use multi-factor authentication to sign in to the Workspot Client, while the same user on the corporate network might be allowed to sign in without multi-factor authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • Client displays spurious “New configuration available” messages.
  • Open session hangs when switching networks.

Known Limitations

  • When multi-factor authentication is used, no error message is given if the multi-factor challenge is ignored by the user.
  • When a user launches a desktop and cancels it before it opens, the next launch will not complete. Workaround: cancel the second launch. The next launch will work normally.
  • The Disable SSO Client setting does not work consistently with persistent Desktops.

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