Customer Advisory: Windows 10, version 1809 on Workspot Cloud Workstations

Robert Plamondon -

The Windows 10 October 2018 update (Windows 10, version 1809) will cause Windows to display a stop screen ("blue screen") on a Workspot Cloud Workstation, which is using the NVIDIA display driver. The Workstation will be unusable after the 1809 update.

This issue only affects Cloud (GPU) Workstations and does not impact other Workspot desktops.

At this time, for Cloud Workstations, we recommend that you do not upgrade to 1809 and do not allow auto updates on these machines.

If you are evaluating 1809 for future deployment and are currently working on a Cloud Workstation or template, then one option is to disable the NVIDIA display driver, upgrade to 1809, including the Windows cumulative update from 1/22/19 KB4476976 or later, and then re-enable the NVIDIA driver.

If you have already upgraded to 1809 and cannot access your Cloud Workstation, please open a ticket with Support for assistance.

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