Workspot Agent 2.4 (February 28, 2019)

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Workspot Agent Release 2.4.0 is a new-feature release.

New Features and Enhancements

Optional Domain Join

Joining a domain is now optional. The DoNotJoinDomain option in WorkspotConfig.xml prevents the desktop from joining a domain automatically. This is useful when you use a third-party agent or do not want the desktop on a domain at all.

GPU Statistics

  • GPU desktops now send performance data and configuration information (GPU type, driver version) to Workspot Control.

Command Scripts

To finish the configuration of a new desktop, the Workspot Agent now supports two command scripts: WsSetupComplete.cmd and WsRunOnce.cmd.

  • WsSetupComplete.cmd runs immediately after the desktop is cloned from the template and is registered with Workspot Control, but before the desktop joins the local domain.
  • WsRunOnce.cmdcmd runs after the desktop joins the domain and is rebooted. Use this script to install or enable resources that require domain access. This might include installing GPU drivers, activating Windows with a MAK key, activating other licenses, installing additional software, and making registry modifications.
  • These scripts reside in the C:\ProgramData\WorkspotAgent\Config\ directory and are invoked by the SYSTEM account.
  • Output is logged to the C:\ProgramData\WorkspotAgent\ScriptLogs\ directory. Each script has its own log file: name.cmd.log, where they are available immediately. These logs are not echoed to Workspot Control.


Update Procedure

Currently deployed persistent desktops update the Agent automatically. However, for best results you should update your Workspot templates (master images) as well, so newly deployed desktops start with an up-to-date template.

To Update a Workspot Template

Follow the procedure in Workspot Agent 2.4 Installation for Templates.

Known Limitations

  • On newly deployed persistent desktops built from templates with older versions of the Agent, the auto-upgrade function sometimes fails on the first attempt but succeeds when the Agent service is restarted. The Agent service restarts every 24 hours between 1:00-2:00 AM in the timezone used by the desktop.
  • A newly provisioned GPU desktop sometimes fails to send GPU statistics to Workspot Control. Workaround: Restart the winmgmt service or reboot the desktop.

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