Using the Cost Center Feature in Workspot Control (November 27, 2018)

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Starting with Workspot Control release 9.0, Workspot can track usage by cost center. This Cost Center can use any field in your Active Directory (AD) user record: for example, a standard but unused field or a custom field.

As of Workspot Control release 9.2, reports including the Cost Center data are available through the Workspot Control API.

Because Workspot Control has no understanding of what the selected AD user record field means, and simply copies it into the usage report, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Cost sharing is perhaps the most typical use.

Enabling the Cost Center

The Cost Center is a standard feature. By default, its field specifier is blank, which in effect means that it is disabled.

Cost Centers are specified on a per-datacenter basis. You can enable Cost Center for some datacenters and not others. You can use different AD fields for different datacenters.

To enable the Cost Center:

  1. Select an AD user record field to use as a cost center if you don’t have one already. In the screen captures below, the AD user record name is "example."  (AD management is beyond the scope of this document; see your AD administrator.)
  2. Log into Workspot Control as an Administrator.
  3. Navigate to “Setup > Datacenter > Current Datacenters > [Datacenter Name] > Configs > Edit.” The “Edit Datacenter Configuration” page will appear.
  4. In the "Track Usage by Cost Center" field, click the "Yes" radio button. The"Edit AD Cost Center Attribute" popup appears.
  5. Enter the selected Active Directory field in the “AD Cost Center Attribute” field.
  6. Enter the username (user@domain.tld) in "Fetch Attribute Value for User. This must be an account that is allowed to read the AD user attributes.
  7. Press the "Test" button. If the test succeeds, press "Confirm." You are returned to the Edit Datacenter Configuration page.
  8. Press "Save."


  1. Once the Cost Center is active, the Users list will display an “AD Cost Center” column:


Creating Cost Center Usage Reports

As of Workspot Control R9.2, usage reports can be generated by the Workspot Control API only. See the Workspot Control API documentation for more information on the API, including a PowerShell example for fetching the usage report.

The report is delivered in a standard JSON or CSV formats (JSON is the default) and should be usable by any spreadsheet. There is one line per user. The user's cost center is included (in the example below, it is column H):






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