Workspot Windows Client v2.4.7 Release Notes (October 2018)

Robert Plamondon -

Release Type

Workspot Windows Client Release 2.4.7 is hotfix release.

Who Should Update

  • Customers installing the Windows Client on systems with the French language installed.
  • Customers who use kiosk-mode Clients with the autologoff option.

Download Location

Download the release from Look for .msi files with 2.4.7 in the file names.

(Note: this page is different from the main download page at, which doesn’t list hotfix releases).


Bug Fixes

  • Installation fails on systems with the French language installed. Installation now works for all languages.
  • The Client crashes silently upon exit or logout if kiosk mode and the autologout function are both used. This silent crash does not create a crash dump.
  • Syntax checking is not performed on the autologout=onappsclosed parameter. Misspellings caused the option to be silently ignored.
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