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The Workspot HTML5 Client allows you to reach your Workspot Azure desktops from a Web browser. This is useful on devices for which no native Workspot Client is available, or whenever you don’t want to install the native Workspot Client.

The user experience with the Workspot HTML5 Client is much the same as our other clients. Since it runs in a browser tab (though generally in full-screen mode), it is limited to a single monitor. Performance is likely to be lower than with Workspot’s native Clients.

As of Workspot Control release 9.0, the following browsers have been tested with the HTML5 Client:

  • Chrome 68
  • Internet Explorer - IE11 (11.285.17134.0)
  • Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0 (Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134)

Enabling the HTML5 Client for Your Enterprise

Contact Workspot Support to enable HTLM5 Client support.

The HTML5 Client URL

Workspot will provide you with a URL for HTML5 Client access. This typically takes the form of:


In this example, yourcompany is the subdomain shown in Workspot Control at

Setup > Configuration > Registration and Authentication > Directory Services.

This subdomain of is created and maintained by Workspot. You do not need to modify your organization's DNS records. The same subdomain string is also used for optional Azure AD and SAML services.



Using the HTML5 Client

To access their Workspot desktops, users open a browser, enter the HTML5 Client URL (, and log in as they would with any other Workspot Client. The example below is for an enterprise using Azure AD authentication.


After login, users see their Workspot desktops as usual. Each desktop will launch in its own browser tab. The main difference is that the HTML5 Client does not support the use of a PIN. Depending on the settings in Workspot Control, the browser may be allowed to save the credentials of the desktops. If not, the users must log into their desktops for every session.

If the main Client tab times out, all the desktops time out as well.

Applications Not Supported

The Workspot HTML5 Client supports Azure desktops only. Web Apps are not supported and are not shown on the Client's main display. RD Apps are not supported but are displayed.

User-Selectable Options

As of Workspot Control Release 9.0, the only user options are Keyboard Layout and Logout. The Keyboard Layout option supports a wide variety of International and other keyboard variations.


As you would expect from a browser-based product, the HTML5 Client has a reduced feature set compared to the Workspot Windows or Mac Client.

The following features are NOT supported:

  • Drive sharing.
  • Credential caching for remote desktops.
  • User PIN (a full login is required for each session).
  • Built-in VPN.

Administrative Options in Workspot Control

In addition to options that affect all Workspot Clients, Workspot Control contains several HTML5-specific options.

Trusted IP Addresses

The HTML5 Client can be restricted to a specified list of Client-side IP addresses; for example, to allow the HTML5 Client only on the corporate LAN. This control is at:

Setup > Configuration > Connectivity and Routing > Trusted IP Addresses.


This allows a list of Client-side IP addresses or ranges to allow, using CIDR format (for example, All other addresses are disallowed. If the list is blank, all addresses are allowed.

Single Sign-On Support

The browser will be allowed to cache desktop credentials if the “Disable Single Sign On (SSO)? Option in Workspot Control is set to “No.” This control can be found at:

Policies > Policy Name > Online Authentication > Disable Single Sign On (SSO)









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