Control - Publishing Updated Desktop Images in Non-Persistent Desktop Pools

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This document describes how to take an updated, ready-to-publish Workspot desktop template (image) and publish it to a non-persistent desktop pool.


A Workspot non-persistent desktop pool presents users with a fresh desktop each time they log in. Any changes the user makes to the desktop are lost, including personalization, altered system settings, and installed programs. This applies only to the virtual desktop: the contents of network shares, remote servers, and Active Directory behave as usual.

(This is unlike Workspot persistent desktop pools, where each user has a dedicated desktop that retains all their changes, just as a physical desktop does.)

Because a non-persistent desktop reverts to the pool's virtual desktop image every session, Windows Update and similar update services are ineffective when run on user desktops. To make persistent changes, you must update the master template (image) of the pool.

This updating process is done in two phases:

  1. Updating the template (covered in a separate document, Workspot Agent Installation for Templates).
  2. Publishing the template to the pool (covered below).


How to Publish Updated Desktop Images

Summary of the Publication Process:

  1. In Control, go the the Virtual Desktop Pools list and select the Update Image option.
  2. Select your new template.
  3. Select when users will have their sessions terminated.
  4. Publish.

1. In Control, Select "Update Image" for Your Pool

  • Log into Workspot control as an administrator.
  • Go to Control > Resources > VDI Pools.
  • Find your desired pool in the Manage Virtual Desktop Pools table.
  • From the drop-down Actions menu in the right-hand column, select Update Image. This will take you to the Update Image page.


2. Select Your New Template

  • The Update Image page will show greyed-out Virtual Network and VM Instance Selection fields. This is normal, since these are retained from the existing pool and cannot be modified here.
  • On the Update Image page, click Select New to pop up the template selection dialog.
  • Click the Select button of the desired image. (If it is not shown, use the popup's Search function.) The Update Image page will appear.




 3. Select When Users Will Have Their Sessions Terminated

The image update process cannot run on active desktops: these desktops will continue to run the old image until the user's session terminated. Sessions are terminated either through a user logoff or a forced logoff. Users may lose work in a forced logoff.

There are three logoff scheduling options on the Update Image page:

  1. Schedule now: Forces an immediate logoff for all active users, followed by a template update.
  2. Schedule at: Like Schedule Now, but defers the update until the specified data and time.
  3. On Log Off: Update desktops with no logged-in users immediately. Update other desktops when the users log off. If there are any non-updated desktop at the specified data and time, force logoffs and update the desktops.

Workspot recommends minimizing the loss of user data by using the "On Log Off" option with a generous time limit, such as "Monday at 1:00 AM."

  • In the Schedule section, click "On Log Off."
  • In the Date field, set a reasonably distant date, such as next Monday.
  • In the Time field, pick a reasonably idle time, such as 1:00 AM.


4. Publish

  • At the bottom of the Update Image page, click Save. This starts the update process.
  • You will be returned to the Resources > VDI Pools page. An animated progress indicator will show that the update is underway.


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