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Best practice: Workspot recommend having multiple Administrator accounts for Workspot Control.

In some cases there is a single Administrator account. That account can be inadvertently disabled. To regain administrative access to Workspot Control, use the following steps to create an additional Workspot Control Administrator account. The steps below should be done by the NEW Workspot Administrator.

Pre-Requisite: The NEW Workspot Administrator will need access to the OLD Workspot Administrator's company owned email inbox to access the password recovery email sent by Workspot. 

1) Have access to the previous Workspot Administrator company's email inbox readily available.

2) Open a browser window and navigate to

3) Select "Forgot Your Password"

4) Enter in the OLD administrators email address and click "Send Me Password Reset Instructions"

5) If the email address is valid, you will see this screen.

6) Once the email has been sent, please open the OLD administrator's email inbox to retrieve the password reset link. 

7) Use the link to log into Workspot Control to set a new password for the OLD administrators account.

8) While logged into Workspot Control, either

  1. Create a new account for yourself (NEW Workspot Administrator) with administrator privileges or
  2. Elevate an existing account by navigating to the users, page, selecting a user to elevate, clicking manage and picking the administrative role.

9) Log off of the OLD Workspot Administrator account

10) Log in on your own account (who should now have administrator privileges) and verify the change has been complete

11) Remove the OLD administrator account once you have verified you have all the correct administrative privileges

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