Workspot Lifecycle Support Policy

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Workspot is a cloud platform service and releases new features every few weeks.

Automatic Updates

Workspot auto-updates most clients and components to ensure that all customers have the latest features and best user experience.  

Workspot Version Support Policy

Workspot strives for the simplest IT experience and our lifecycle policy is as follows:  


Version Definitions: Workspot software versions follow the following methodology: Major revision.Minor revision.Maintenance.Build Number (eg Workspot support statements to refer to only Major and Minor revisions. Workspot supports N-1, based on the minor revision number. For example, if the current Workspot client version number is 5.2.2, then the supported releases are 5.2.y and 5.1.z.

Most products support an "N-1" policy, where the current and previous minor releases are supported. Some support an "N" policy, where only the current release is supported.

Workspot Agent

Policy: N-1. Unless configured otherwise, the Workspot Agent on every Workspot Desktop and RD Server auto-updates to the current version when it becomes available.

Exception: Non-persistent desktops. Non-persistent desktops are reimaged frequently, so the desktop template should be updated after a new Agent release. This is done by cloning the existing template. When the cloned template is booted in Draft mode, the Agent will auto-update. After it auto-updates, save the template and apply it to the non-persistent pool. (Non-persistent desktops are not auto-updated, but templates in Draft mode are.) See Using Azure Marketplace Templates.

 Workspot Enterprise Connector

Policy: N. The Workspot Enterprise Connector always auto-updates to the latest version.

 Workspot Control

Policy: N. The Workspot Enterprise Connector always runs the latest version.

Workspot Client

Policy: N-1.

  • Workspot Windows Client: N-1. The Workspot Windows Client does not currently auto-update. Support is expected in Workspot Windows Client 3.6.
  • Workspot Client for Mac, iOS, and Android:  N-1. Updates are managed by individual App Stores. Client devices will auto-update if enabled in the device.
  • Workspot HTML5 Client: N. The Workspot HTML5 Client always runs the latest version.


Workspot End of Sale and End of Life Policy

Workspot will end-of-sale and end-of-life features or products that are no longer applicable or can no longer be supported. Workspot posts notifications on the schedule shown below.

 End of Sales (EoS) Notification

EoS notification means that the feature or product will no longer be sold or promoted once EoS has been reached. 

EoS will be posted 60 days prior to EoS effective date.  EoS notifications are posted:

End of Life (EoL) Notification

EoL notification means that the feature or product will no longer be supported once EoL has been reached. 

EoL will be posted 90 days prior to EoL effective date.  EoL notifications are posted:

Workspot Policy for 3rd Party Support

Workspot support for 3rd party solutions such as ISV, Windows operating systems, and peripherals are best effort based on technical and business requirements. 

Support for Microsoft Windows

Workspot supports the Windows Desktop and Windows Server operating systems required for delivering Workspot's service. 

 Workspot will support the current Windows Desktop and Windows Server operating systems through posted Mainstream Support End Date. There may be limitations on support of specific components, features, applications, and roles provided by the operating systems.  

 Support for Third-Party ISV

There are many third-party partner solutions that Workspot works with.  Contact Workspot Support for more information.   


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