Workspot Windows Client v2.4 (April 26, 2018)

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Features and Enhancements:

  • Installation packages are .msi based: The installation package has been streamlined and is only provided as an .msi file for each operating system bitness (32 and 64 bit). Installation command line parameters have changed. See the install guide for updated command line options.
    • When installed in Workspot or Kiosk mode, installation folder for the Workspot client has moved to:
      • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Workspot\Workspot Client
    • The data folder is:
      • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Workspot\Client\
    • Bandwidth and latency details are shown in the Workspot toolbar in full screen desktop sessions:
      • Hovering over the down button will show the current bandwidth and latency.
      • Hovering over the signal strength icon shows bandwidth and latency.
    • The WINDOWS KEY + HOTKEY is supported in windowed mode.
    • User can reset (clear) and re-enroll the Workspot client without logging in.
    • Kiosk Mode:
      • Support for multi-domain logins
        • In environments where there are multi domains, during installation, admins can add multiple domains in the command line. These will be displayed at login for selection.
      • The single sign on feature has been enhanced to support Azure Active Directory authentication for web applications. To use this setting, in the web application definition, set the “Login Type” to “Disable Single Sign on”. For Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), the client will ignore the login type setting from Control and display the web login page.
      • Diagnostic logs are uploaded to Workspot on demand.
        • Diagnostics logging is turned on permanently. When the file reaches 1 meg, the file is backed up and new one initiated.
        • On request, the user can open the System tab on the Workspot tab and select “Upload logs”
          • When working with Workspot support, please include the users email who initiated the uploading of the logs.
        • When the Workspot client is restarted, a new file is initiated.


Known issues:

  • Using the “Ctrl-Alt-End” keyboard shortcut causes the published application to close
  • If a device with Workspot client v2.2.x installed receives the version 2.4 update notification, the new installation file will not run. Users will need to manually download the Workspot 2.4 installation package to install.
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