Workspot Windows Client v2.3.3 (February 14, 2018)

Donald Van Patten -

Features and Enhancements

  • Additional options have been added in Control for Admins to enable for users to enroll their device for Workspot. (Setup/Configuration/User Registration Options). Windows Client enrollments include:
    • Email with Verification code. (default).
    • Active directory (with and without domain option).
  • Administrators can set a time for the users PIN to expire and require changing. This setting is available in Policies, Security, Workspot PIN Complexity, Change PIN Interval (days).*
  • Clear Certificates is new name to clear the certificates.
  • Kiosk Mode enhancements:
    • If the administrator has set: Policies, Security Policy, “Inactivity time for PIN prompt or Kiosk logout (desktop). The client will logout automatically after the defined inactivity time.
    • User can logout out of the client using the tray icon.
    • Ability to display the last user logged in in the user name field. (implemented through install time command line option).

* This feature will be fully functional when Control R6.5 is released.

Critical Bugs fixed in this Release

  • Users were prompted too many times for MFA validation. This can be set using an install time option.
  • Full screen RDP sessions would sometimes lock up.

Known Issues

  • On some thin clients, the device is showing up multiple times on the dashboard in Control.
  • "Drives I plug in later" does not work if enable PnP devices is unchecked.
  • "Drives I plug in later" correctly maps all drives but some drives will not show as mapped in the full screen toolbar menu. Specifically, USB hard drives which Windows does not report as "removable".
  • For clients installed on Japanese language Windows operating systems, the option to select email activation or username and password is not translated into Japanese.

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    Bob Dyer

    Is it possible to include the version of windows the client supports? I have partner who will be using our workspot desktop pool that has Windows 7 & 8 in their environment. Also, bit set will be important.

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