Workspot Control Release R6.5 (February 16, 2018)

Donald Van Patten -

New Features/Enhancements

  • IT admins have the ability to set a PIN Expiration per security policy. When this is set, users will be prompted to change the PIN when the interval period nears.
  • Additional options on Control, Setup, Configuration:
    • Enrolling a user’s end point into Workspot. Administrators can enroll uses using Active Directory credentials.
    • Agents can be registered using a token. Administrators can set the token or refresh the token
  • When provisioning On-premise Nutanix pools, administrators have the ability to set a limit on how many VMs are provisioning at the same time. The option can be configured or edited in Setup/Datacenter, Select Datacenter Name, Configs, Select Nutanix configuration, Concurrent Provisioning, select the concurrently number, and Save.

Known Issues

  • Azure Subscription status is always “online”.
  • If you search for a user using “.”, the search status icon will “spin”.
  • When a user runs multiple RD Pool sessions, the sessions are listed, however, you cannot distinguish which session is an hosted application or desktop.
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