Publish Network File Share as Content Repository

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Network File Shares can be published as Content Repositories or Windows Applications (File Explorer as published RemoteApp). The content of this tech note covers publishing Network File Shares as Content Repositories.

Publishing Process

Go to Resources in Workspot Control and click "Add Application"

From the "Add a New Application" page select "Content Repository" as the "Application Type":



Under "Repository Type", leave the default selected option for a "Network File Share":



Enter any desired name as the "Application Name" and provide the file share UNC path in CIFS format as shown in the example below:



*Optional* Enable the setting to "Allow Document Editing Through RDP" if files hosted on the share will be modified rather than read only.



With this setting enabled, the option to "Select App for Document Editing" is now available, requiring a Connection Broker or specific published RemoteApp be selected to perform the actual editing.


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