Workspot Windows Client Release 1.5 (October 8, 2015)

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This document describes the second release of Windows Client for Workspot.
(*) Please refer to our previous release notes that describe the general release of Windows Client for Workspot.

Windows Client for Workspot v1.5.0(585)

Many new features and enhancements are now available in this release of the Windows Client

  • Native 64 and 32 bit clients
  • Chromium v41 upgrade
  • Windows 10 support
  • HTTP proxy support
  • Native PDF Viewer
  • Web browser sand boxing
  • Improved VPN override detection
  • Support for pass code complexity policy
  • Security Policies : Support for disable cached credentials and disable SSO per-app login type
  • Windows apps: Save and re-use last app window size and position
  • Windows apps: Local printer support
  • Windows apps: Support for Windows 2008 broker
  • Windows apps: Zoom support (better readability for tablet form factor)
  • Windows apps: Ability to re-size a window without reconnecting
  • Several smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

And addidional features for enterpise-scaling:

  • VDI offering
  • High DPI devices (like the Surface)
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