Configuring Workspot Application PIN Timeouts

Richard Support -

The Workspot Application PIN timeout, which is the period of inactivity before the user is prompted for their PIN, can be configured in Workspot Control using Security Policies. Security policy settings will apply to all users of the group to which the policy is assigned.

Under Policies -> Add a New Policy or modify an existing Security Policy as shown in figure 1. Note that the default Medium Security Policy cannot be edited. Enter a name for the policy and select the Policy Type Security. Then select the group or groups to which the policy will be assigned.

  Figure 1 - Adding or Editing a Security Policy

Under the Offline Access section, set the PIN timeouts for Mobile (iOS or Android) and Desktop (Windows and Mac) devices. By default, the inactivity timeout is one (1) minute. In this example, the new timeout for Desktop devices is "15 Minutes".

  Figure 2 - Setting the Workspot application PIN timeouts

After other security policy settings are configured, click Add or Save policy.

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