Workspot Control Release (July 23, 2015)

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The following enhancements to Workspot Control are now available in the Android Client

Advance License

Our Advance License is a great alternative to explore the features that our Workspot Desktop Clients bring to the user. This option lets you experience what is available without the having to invest into the entire program initially.

Admin Events

A new column has been added to the Events table labeled Event Type. Now Admin events are logged in addition to User events. Admin Events
Figure 1 - Admin Events

RDS Connection Broker Collections for 2012, and XenApp Support

Workspot Clients can now utilize farms based on Microsoft RDS (Remote Desktop Services) and Citrix XenApp. In Control, IT can select a Farm Type of Microsoft RDS or Citrix XenApp. The figure below shows how an App may be defined to refer to a Microsoft 2012 Connection Broker that has a collection of servers (or hosts) for sales applications. This particular definition will refer to the Windows Application, EXCEL, in the Farm. RDP Broker/Load Balancing and XenApp Support
Figure 2 - RDP Broker/Load Balancing and XenApp Support

Uploading Trusted Certificates for the Enterprise

Adding Trusted Certificates is supported for the Enterprise. This is a useful feature that lets IT make the user experience more fluid. If the enteprise has its own internal Enterprise Plublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority (CA), an enterprise certificate may be issued that verifies the certificate authority internally. The user exprience is better since the user will not have to assert that the certificate on Web Apps is valid. Support for Trusted Enterprise Certificates
Figure 3 - Support for Trusted Enterprise Certificates

Defining PIN Complexity

Workspot requires a PIN to gain access to its features. Workspot Control has options for providing for more complex PINs. A PIN can contain 4 to 8 numbers or 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters. Another option lets administrators define PIN characteristics for Mobile or Desktop separately. Ability to Specify Workspot PIN complexity
Figure 4 - Ability to Specify Workspot PIN Complexity

Assigning Groups to Domains

A Groups concept brings together App Bundles, Network selections, Policies, login messages, wallpaper preferences, and users under one "umbrella". Workspot Control lets administrators associate a group with a domain. By navigating to the Company->Settings panel and if Self Registration is checked for a domain in the Domain List; the Group drop down displays groups available for that particular domain. Ability to Specify Different Group for Each Domain during Self-registration
Figure 5 - Ability to Specify Different Group for Each Domain during Self-registration

Email Preferences for Reporting

Workspot Control contains Email Preferences for Reporting. This is located by hovering over the "person" icon next to the search box. Clicking on Email Settings in the drop-down menu reveals a dialog where an administrator has the option to not recieve any emails, or to receive them periodically - on a weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly basis. Email Preferences for Reports
Figure 6 - Email Preferences for Reports

Customizing Reports Using Drag and Drop

Reports are generated to provide analysis of many parameters available about device use. Given the number of options available for reporting; Workspot Control provides the administrator with a drag-and-drop UI for selecting, organizing, ordering, and reporting these data. Clicking on Customize Reports dispays the preferences dialog that allows the administrator to pick and organize the reports they use most often. Drag and Drop
Figure 7 - Drag and Drop

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