Walk-through on Session hint / Terminal Services VmHostAgent (TSV) URL on Windows Server 2012 R2

Richard Support -

The connection broker in Windows 2012/R2 has changed the way clients connect to a group of RDSH/RDVH servers. In 2008 RDS servers, these groups were referred to as farms, now they are called collections. With Windows 2012, significant changes were made in the way the GUI looks and how the installation of different roles occur, and how these different roles interact with each other. So, the flow of remote desktop connections and how a client connects to the endpoint servers, changed as well.

For a thorough review of these differences, refer to the link below that compares the Classical way of connecting to Remoteapps (Windows RDS Server 2008 R2), and The new way to connect - Session Hint / TSVURL:


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