Workspot App Deeplinks (July 15, 2015)

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This document has two sections. The first section describes how Workspot App deeplinks1 work given typical scenarios. The second section describes the syntax used to compose deeplink URLs.


An IT Administrator wants to automatically launch a target application in Workspot. Workspot deeplinks can be used in emails, text messages, or other hyperlink distribution vehicles. As such, an IT Administrator can let her iOS and/or Android device users know of Workspot and/or of a newly released Workspot App. The administrator would send a deeplink to her users on iOS or Android devices using one of various messaging vehicles available on the device.

When the user clicks on the deeplink, and after Workspot installs and/or launches if Workspot is already installed, one of the following occurs:

  • the deeplinked URL launches the Web-App endpoint,2
  • the deeplinked URL launches an RDP endpoint - a desktop or RD hosted app,
  • the deeplinked URL launches a CIFS/CR:SP app, opening the “Documents” section referred by the endpoint,
  • the URL does not match any app in the Workspot Bundle and the deeplinked endpoint is treated as a Web-App and that is routed through the VPN.

Syntax Used to Compose the Deepink

It may be obvious to the reader now that a third-party service called deeplink.me3 is used to navigate to Workspot Apps. The syntax of a hyperlink that launches an application in Workspot may take this form: "[HOST | DOMAINNAME]/[ENDPOINT]".

A deeplink hyperlink to launch Outlook looks like this: "". This hyperlink directs to look for the Workspot client [DOMAINNAME] and launch the Outlook Office 365 [ENDPOINT] Web app within Workspot.

1. This feature is available for iOS Workspot Clients and Android-Workspot v2.5 and above.
2. Workspot Apps are referred to as endpoints in a deeplink hypelink. These endpoints refer to one of the following types of apps: a Web, a Windows, or a Content Repository application (or a document in some case).
3. When a user receives a hyperlink referring to a Workspot App, the Deeplink platform does the work required to automatically guide the user.

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