Renewing Apple MDM Push Certificate

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This document describes the steps required to renew Apple's MDM Push Certificate [referred to as "Certificate"].

†  Apple Requirement:  Apple MDM Push Certificate for Workspot needs to be renewed before expiration to allow Workspot to continue to manage iOS mobile devices on your behalf without interruption."If the Certificate expires, the users must revisit the on-boarding process when a new certificate is issued after expiration of the original certificate."

Email Notification of Apple MDM Push Certificate Expiration

Certificate Expiration Warning in Workspot Control

Download Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from Workspot Control

Sign In at Apple's Push Certificates Portal


Locate the Correct Certificate for Renewal

If you have multiple certificates with Apple, ensure that you have selected the correct one.

Select the CSR File Previously Downloaded from Workspot Control

Apple's Push Certificates Creation Confirmation Page

After the CSR file has been uploaded, Apple creates the push certificate and let's you download it - a ".pem" file.

Upload the Push Certificate to Workspot Control

Workspot's Page Confirming the Successful Renewal

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