Workspot Release (July 30, 2014)

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Content Repository

Network file shares, SharePoint and OneDrive sites are now defined and accessed under Content Repositories (iOS devices only).

To add a SharePoint or OneDrive site as a content repository, go to the Apps tab, then click Add Application. Select the Application Type Content Repository and the Repository Type SharePoint, then enter the related parameters and options, including selecting the bundle. Click the Add Application button to save.

On an iPad, the SharePoint content repository appears as follows.


Android Mobile Device Management

The Android Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature is now available. To enable Android MDM, go to the Company tab, then MDM. Select Enable Device Management for Android Devices.

Note: A device policy must be created and applied to user’s group to see the Device Management icon on the device.

1. To manage the Android device, in Workspot Client click the Device Management icon.


2. Then click Activate.

3. The Device Management icon will turn green to indicate that MDM has been activated.


User Errors Summary

User errors are now summarized on the dashboard screen. Sign into Control to display the dashboard, or if already in Control, click the Control home link.

then scroll to the lower panel of the dashboard. Errors will be grouped by frequency. 


Custom Routing

Use custom routing entries to manually configure sites to be either external (accessible directly through the Internet), or internal (behind the VPN gateway). Go to the Company tab, under Settings and the Custom Routing List, enter the FQDN or IP Address. For internal sites, select Route through VPN. Cick the Save button to save the entries.


Per User App Assignment

In addition to Apps assigned through a bundle, Apps can be assigned directly to a User. Go to the Users tab, click the User, then scroll down and under the Assigned Apps Details, click the Assign Apps button. 

then select the checkbox for each App to be assigned directly to the User. Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button to save the assignments.


User Device Details

Additional Device details are available under Users. Go to the Users tab, click the User, and then scroll down to view the Active and Inactive Devices for the user. Click each Active Device for more information and to perform device operations.


Security Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Security enhancements and bug fixes for Workspot Control and Client are included in this release.

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