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What is Self Registration?
Self Registration is a feature that allows administrators to provide new Workspot users with a default set of applications. Applications configured during Workspot Express Setup are (1) added to the Express Setup bundle, (2) the Express Setup bundle is associated with the All Users group, and (3) on registration after installing the Workspot client, new users are added to the All Users group. The end result is that all Self Registered users receive the Express Setup application bundle.

How can the administrator disable Self Registration?
If the administrator does not want to allow new Workspot users to self register, then this feature can be disabled. In Workspot Control, under Company > in the Domain List section, uncheck Self Registration then click Save


If Self Registration is disabled, the administrator must add users manually using Workspot Control. And after installing Workspot on their device, users will not have access to the company’s configuration and will only be able to evaluate Workspot using Guest Mode. 

How can the administrator change the Application Bundle that is provided through Self Registration?
By default, a Self Registered user receives the Express Setup bundle, however, the Express Setup bundle cannot be edited. To configure a different set of applications for Self Registered users:

1. In Workspot Control, under Apps click Add Bundle

2. Enter a bundle name, e.g. "Default" then select the checkbox for each applications to include in
the bundle, then click Create Bundle.

3. Under Users click Groups

4.Then click All Users

5. Under App Bundle, select "Default" then click Save Changes

Now, all Self Registered users will receive the "Default" application bundle instead of the Express Setup bundle. It is recommended to only add those business critical apps which all users access into this "Default" bundle. After users self register and begin using Workspot, the administrator can move these users from the All Users group to another group more aligned with their specific mobile application workflow requirements.



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