Workspot Release (April 24, 2014)

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User device details

Additional device details are available. Go to the Users tab, then select the User’s name. All of the devices where the user has installed Workspot are displayed in the lower panel of the screen. Click on a Device

…to view additional details and perform device operations. For example, to remove all Workspot managed data, apps and profiles from the device, click the Actions tab then Wipe Data.


Control announcements

An announcement banner for system updates and other notifications will appear at the top of the Control screen.


Full text shown for … column fields

Clicking on any column field ending with a … will display the entire field text. For example, on the Apps screen, clicking the URL will display the entire URL. The text can be highlighted to be copied to the clipboard.



Dashboard enhancements

Additional error details are shown on the dashboard screen. Sign into Control to display the dashboard, or if already in Control, click the Control home link.


…then scroll to the lower panel of the dashboard. For each error, the dashboard displays additional details for the Network Provider, Error Description and application URL.


Apple App store paid apps 

Apple App store apps with paid licenses can be provisioned through Control. The Apple Push Certificate and Apple Volume Purchase Program are required, along with an associated device policy. Once these are configured, click Apps > Add Application then select the Application Type iOS Application. Enter the search criteria, click Search and Add on the desired app. 

… then click Add Application to make the app available to end users.



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