Workspot Setup for iPad

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Step-by-Step Guide to set up the Workspot App on your iPad

Workspot is a secure client that runs on iPads or iPhones allowing employees to access enterprise apps such as:

  • SharePoint
  • Network File Shares
  • ERP (SAP or Oracle)
  • Project Management
  • Expense
  • Any web app
 For a video guide to set up Workspot, see:
1. Go to the Apple App Store to download the Workspot App.
2. Your IT manager has already set up a Workspot account for you. Please enter your corporate email, for example,
3. Workspot will email a one-time 4-digit activation code to your corporate email. Please enter it here.
4. Select and enter a 4-digit passcode; this will be how you unlock Workspot. You’ll be prompted to enter the passcode a second time to confirm.

5. The next screens provide a preview of Workspot and contain hints on how to use the app.
6. On the last preview screen, press the “Get Started” button.
7. Your Workspot home screen will be shown.
8. The first time you click on an enterprise app requiring VPN access, you will need to enter your VPN credentials. Select your VPN Group, then enter your VPN User Name, Password. (Note: This will only happen the first time when accessing an enterprise app., other enterprise apps will use single sign-on to automatically sign in.)
Thank you for choosing Workspot!
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