Workspot VDI Agent 2.1

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Q: Why is Agent 2.1 mandatory?

A: Workspot wants to provide much more information and control for IT Admins during the lifecycle of Virtual Desktops and RDSH Servers. To achieve this, Workspot will need to have more visibility into the state of the virtual resource. This can be achieved by installing our secure Agent into persistent and non-persistent pool templates. When the template is deployed it will report to Control and allow for greater visibility in control by the IT Admin.

Q: What are the new states that Agent 2.1 displays in control?

A: With the release of Agent 2.1, Workspot is providing more granularity when VM (VDI or RDSH) pools are being deployed and while it is running. When viewing the Status column in the tables, IT Admins will be able to see which stage the VM is in during provisioning and while running. Below, we are providing a brief description of the additional states that IT Admins will see in Control.

Provisioning process:

 State  Description
 Not started State just before starting the desktop/server provisioning.
 Provisioning The virtual machine is being provisioned through Workspot Control.
 Powering ON Once the virtual machine has been provisioned, it is powered on.
 Waiting for IP After the virtual machine is powered on and the network is up, an IP address is requested (DHCP).
 Customizing If present, Sysprep and WorkspotConfig.xml are run during this stage.
 Online The virtual machine is fully powered on and ready to accept connection(s). If this is a Persistent desktop this is final state after successful provisioning. For Non-Persistent desktops and RDSH servers, additional states are available.
 Refreshing The virtual machine image is being refreshed or reapplied.
 Deleting The virtual machine is being deleted.
 Failed Provisioning the virtual machine has failed. The reason for the failure is displayed in the pop-up.
 Draining (RDSH only) When a server is in drain mode, the server will not accept any new connections. However, connection requests to sessions that are disconnected are honored.
 Rebooting The virtual machine is rebooting.

 Resource status:

 State  Description
 Online The virtual machine is online and will accept connection requests for Persistent desktops
 Ready  The virtual machine is online and ready to accept new connection requests.
 Active (RD only) The RDSH server is online and has active sessions connected to it.
 Connected User is connected to Desktop/Host session is active.
 Disconnected The user has an active session on the server, however is disconnected. The applications/desktop is still running on that server and the user can reconnect to the session and be in the same state when they disconnected.
 Error The Agent is not responding. This could be from the Agent being offline or no network connectivity.
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