Workspot Agent 2.2 (December 22, 2017)

Donald Van Patten -

New Features/Enhancements:

  • User credentials are now secured when used in the config.xml file. The Domain join credentials can be specified using the command line instead of being stored in clear text in WorkspotConfig.xml. When the credentials are specified on the command line, they are stored encrypted in Windows Credentials Manager. If entered successively, the previous credentials are overwritten.
  • Updated information sent to Control:
    • Session state and information for Persistent VMs.
    • Session login/connect/disconnect time
    • Login flow insight is sent to Control for greater visibility into user logins.
    • Performance information for VDI pools.
    • Additional machine details
  • Support Azure Template and Image management.
  • There is a new batch file, Update_applications.bat. This batch file is used to send updated "Start Menu" applications on the Remote Desktop server template to Control.
  • If the Workspot Agent is uninstalled, all links to the parent template will be removed.

Fixed Bugs:

  • The incident file (msrcinsident) now downloads even if folder redirection is configured. IT administrators sometimes use folder redirection, often implemented using a GPO setting. This setting prevented downloading of the incident file (msrcinsident). This file is required by Helpdesk Support Admins to initiate a Remote Assist session.
  • The step of doing a Domain-join is no longer missed. Domain-join was missed during pool creation if the machine was rebooted during sysprep.

Known Issue:

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