Activating a Workspot Workspace Demo of an Azure Desktop Instance

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Audience: This guide is for "customers" [the Customer] who have provided their company email address to "Workspot" [the Provider] for the purpose of demonstrating accessibility to an "Azure Virtual Desktop" [the VM]. Access is made possible by using the email address to initiate the registration of the Customer's device on which the "Workspot Client" [the Client] has been installed. The Client workspace contains an application icon that, once clicked on, presents a login panel which lets the Customer log into the VM.

1.   Register your email address and device.
2.   Enter the activation code received via the email address used to register.
3a. Enter a passcode of your choice.
3b. The Client workspace represented by a single icon which is used to access the VM.
4.   Click once on the Icon to launch the log in sequence for the Desktop VM using YOURDOMAINNAME\LastName.

1.   Register your email address. The device that the Client is installed on is also registered.


2.   Enter the activation code contained in an email sent to the email address thta was used to register.

3a. Enter a passcode of your choice.

3b. The Client workspace opens with a "single icon" (icons often define applications too), for the purposes of this example, the icon is used to access the VM.

4.    Click once on the icon to launch the login sequence. Use the account and credentials provided to you by the Workspot representative. The figure below depicts an example using a variation of the following <YOURDOMAINNAME>\<[User.]LastName>.Log-into-your-desktop-VM-using-your-NETBIOS-domain-slash-UserName.jpg

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