User On boarding: Locked out

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User On boarding: Locked out


Issue: End user is in the process of being on boarded, but the activation code has been entered incorrectly too many times.

  • Steps 1-4 are applicable for first time users. If the user exists in Control, please skip to step #5.


Symptom: User receives the following error message after too many failed attempts.



The Workspot Admin will need to log into Workspot Control to manually add the user, unlock the account, and then a new code will be sent.

  • Workspot Admin will need admin privileges in Workspot Control.


1) Log into Workspot Control

2) Navigate to the ‘User’ tab4.png

3) Click on Add User5.png

4) Fill out all required fields for new user6.png

5) After new User is created (or if user already exist), search or navigate to user’s profile7.png

6) Click on ‘Manage’ in the User Information pane8.png

7) This will expand and provide an option to unlock the user. Click on the ‘unlock’ button.9.png

8) User will be sent an activation code to the email used and will be entered after opening the Workspot application.10.png

9) Continue with normal on boarding process (ie. Choose a passcode)

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