Workspot Components for Anti-Virus Exclusions

Donald Van Patten -

Problem: Workspot (Agent, Client, and/or Enterprise Connector) not functioning or accessible.

Cause:  Antivirus or firewall programs which may interfere with Workspot function(s) by blocking process and preventing components to execute correctly.

Solution:  While this cannot be a definitive list due to the different methods of antivirus products available; please add exclusions in your antivirus product for the following items:


[I] Exclude on the Workspot Client:

· WorkspotClient.exe

· C:\Users\(UserID)\AppData\Local\Workspot\*

· C:\Program Files\Workspot\*


[II] Exclude on the Workspot Agent:

· WorkspotAgent.exe

· C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\WorkspotAgent\*

· C:\Program Files\Workspot Agent\*


[III] Exclude on the Workspot Enterprise Connector:

· C:\Program Files\Workspot_Enterprise_Connector\*

· C:\ProgramData\workspot\*

· Java.exe

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