Workspot Agent 2.1.0 (June 2, 2017)

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New Features/Enhancements:

  • Sysprep is now optional for domain joining. Admins can use either Sysprep (unattend.xml) or WorkspotConfig.xml. Workspot recommends WorkspotConfig.xml. Using the Workspot xml will reduce the time to join a domain resulting in quicker VM availability. This is useful when using non-Persistent VMs which are refreshed after every logoff.
    • The sample file is located in Workspot Agent installation folder. This should be copied to the configuration folder and augmented. Agenthelper is no longer used.
    • If WorkspotConfig.xml is missing or moved from the folder, VM creation will still succeed. VMs will go in “Ready” state. Admins can use this if they wish to not add machines to a domain.
  • When using passwords that have special characters, the proper escape code will need to be used per standard XML guidelines. For example, if a “<” sign is used, it must be represented as &lt;
  • Restart and upgrade general maintenance cycles have been combined so machines check for upgrades at random times between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM:
  • During RD Pool upgrade operations, the servers will be placed in Drain Mode. Current logged on users will receive a message to save their work and log off.
  • During template registration, applications listed in the “Start Menu” are sent over to Control. Application command line details for Shortcuts are included. When an application is published, these parameters are included.
  • RD Servers now send additional per session Performance Monitor metrics to Control. This feature will be supported when Control accepts the additional information.
  • Workspot Control displays more detailed information on status of each server in the RD Pool. This version of Agent reports the additional status to control.
  • RD Pools active and disconnected sessions can now be ended from Control.
  • The Agent will continue to register the VM with Control for 2 hours in the event initial registration failed due to network connectivity.
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