Workspot Control Release R3 (June 2, 2017)

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New Features/Enhancements:

  • Limited support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Login - IT Admins can configure the system so that SAML can be used to authenticate access to Control for administrators.
  • Whitelisting for AddIns - In Control, Setup, Settings, Administrators can create a list of RDP Add-ins to be included as Whitelisted applications passed to the Windows Client. Workspot manages a global list of AddIns. Administrators can augment this list with their own. NB: Adding an Addin to the Whitelist will not push the configuration change to clients that are 2.2.x and lower.
  • Enhanced the filtering of templates: When a template does not match the type of template desired, the template will be filtered out.
  • RD Pools Image Update – For deployed RD Pools, administrators can update or refresh the master image for the deployed pool. The RD Pools feature is optional, please talk to your customer service representative to have this feature enabled.
  • Password complexity requirements for administrative level users to access control.
  • UI Changes:
    • Administrators can manually sync the users account for user entitlement updates, when the administrator selects Users, Groups, Refresh Entitlements, user entitlements will be updated when the user next logs in using the Workspot Client.
    • The actions buttons have been changed to drop downs.
    • Additional information for VDI and RD Pools is available.
    • Enhancement to the information provided in the “Status” column. More details on progress are provided during operations: Connected, Disconnected, Draining, Error, Failed, Online, Ready,
    • When adding an application from an RD Pool, the administrator now has the option to enter a “Custom Application” or a “RD Session Desktop”
    • For Non-Persistent desktops, when creating or editing a VDI Pool, the default time that the pool is refreshed has been changed from 2 am to 3 am.
    • Non Server templates are no longer displayed in RD Pools.

Bug Fixes:

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