Workspot Windows Client v2.2.1 (May 30, 2017)

Donald Van Patten -

New Features/Enhancements:

  • Support for high DPI (4k), multi-monitors.
  • Smart Cards: Smartcard support for RDP authentication. IMPORTANT - While support exists for smart cards that are supported by Microsoft, Gemalto cards/reader support has been tested.
  • Windows Client is automatically upgraded without user intervention.
  • While Workspot recommends RemoteFX v8.1 or later, some environments do not support this version. In such a case, during installation, the admin can override the version check with a command line.
  • On occasion, some RDP add-in applications would cause crashes on the client. Admins can now create a whitelist of known add-ins that work correctly. Add-ins not listed in the whitelist will not be enabled during the Workspot session. Note that Workspot has a built-in whitelist of tested add-ins.
  • Kiosk Mode enhancements:
    • Improved security settings enabling admins to disable remote file systems access.
    • Improved user experience disabling the X (close) button to reduce the inadvertent closing of Workspot. To close Workspot, use the icon in the taskbar.
  • For this release only, client side settings have been reset. All settings are now enabled. To modify these settings for customer environments, IT Administrators should modify the policy settings in Workspot Control.
  • Improved the detection of the video card capabilities during application startup.

Critical Bug Fixes:

  • If a Web App had the same name as a VDI pool desktop display name, only the Web App would launch. Users can now use the same name for a Web App and VDI pool.
  • In Windows, the new audio setting should default to TRUE for upgrades. NOTE: All settings now default to TRUE. This will be a one-time change for users who had previously made setting changes, as their settings will revert to TRUE.
  • Some Japanese language websites were not displaying correctly in the secure browser. Sites should now display the correct Japanese characters. (this update only applies to sites accessed via the secure browser and have the Windows System Locale should be set to ja_jp (Japanese, Japan)).

Known Issue:

  • When Terminal Works TSPrint v2.0.8.0 is installed and there is an authentication failure in RDP, the Workspot Client will no longer respond. The workaround is to update the TSPrint to the latest build. For Workspot Release 2.2, TSPrint v3.0.0.45, which was in beta, solved the issue.
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