Thin Client Device Considerations

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Workspot can run on thin clients. If one divides computer uses into three categories—task workers, knowledge workers, and power users—Workspot thin clients are appropriate for task workers and, on the more powerful Windows-based thin clients, some knowledge workers as well.

Workspot recommends thin clients running Windows 10 IoT and containing 8 GB of RAM and a quad-core processor, though other operating systems and smaller configurations (4 GB of RAM and a duel-core processor) are also supported.

  • Windows Thin Clients. The Workspot Windows Client is fully supported on Windows-based thin clients that meet our minimum system requirements. The user experience and features are the same as the Workspot Windows Client on a desktop or laptop system.
    • Windows OS versions: Windows Embedded 7 and 8, Windows 10 IoT.
    • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 8.1 or higher, or RemoteFX 10.0 or higher. Only Windows 7 is likely to need upgraded RDP.
    • All Workspot Client features are supported (built-in VPN, support of RD Gateway, kiosk mode, single-sign-on, multiple desktops and applications per user, etc.).
  • Non-Windows Thin Clients. Non-Windows thin clients (ThinLinux, IGEL OS 10, 10Zig Linux) run with reduced functionality.
    • Logins are made through
    • Only one desktop or application is supported per user, launched immediately upon Workspot login.
    • No built-in VPN and no RD Gateway support. The IP address of the user’s virtual desktop (or application) must be reachable from the thin client for a direct RDP connection.
    • Dynamic drive mounting/sharing is not supported.

Thin Client Requirements

  • Dual-core CPU minimum, quad-core recommended.
  • 4GB RAM minimum, 8GB recommended.
  • Flash size to fit OS and future patches.
  • Network connection: Wired connection is recommended, wireless is supported.
  • Microsoft RDP) version 8.1 or higher (10.x preferred), Microsoft RemoteFX 10.0 or higher, or FreeRDP equivalent to 10.x.
  • Device must support H.264 and AVC decoding.

Supported Thin Clients

The table below lists thin are supported with Workspot VDI and DaaS. These clients are divided into three categories: Basic, Higher, and Highest. For other thin clients, contact your Workspot representative.

  • Basic: Minimal hardware and non-Windows OS makes these thin clients suitable for some task workers.
  • Higher: Higher-performing hardware or Windows 10 IoT support, but not both. Suitable for task workers.
  • Highest: Higher-performing hardware with Windows 10 IoT support. Suitable for task workers and some knowledge workers.







10ZiG 4472

10Zig 5872

10Zig 5810qw
(Windows 10 IoT)


Dell 3030LT

Dell Wyse 5020 (Windows 10 IoT)

Dell Wyse 5070
(Windows 10 IoT)

Dell Wyse 5060
(Windows 10 IoT)

Dell Wyse Z90Q10 (Windows 10 IoT)


IGEL UD3-LX 50ac

IGEL UD5-LX 50ac

(Windows 10 IoT)


HP t520 (ThinPro)

HP t620 Quad Core (Windows 10 IoT)

HP t730
(Windows 10 IoT)

HP t630 Quad Core (Windows 10 IoT)





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