Thin Client Device Considerations

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Download this PDF here: Thin Client Device Considerations 

Workspot customers deploying thin clients have many options when selecting a device that meets their site configuration requirements, and there are several factors that determine the device configuration. For example, user workloads are an important consideration when selecting a device. Typical workload categories include task, knowledge, and power users; and each category of user has a different requirement. Task users need a basic endpoint, as they are typically using one or a few applications. Knowledge users require more applications and need a slightly more powerful endpoint to run their remote or virtualized workloads. Power users have higher use requirements and demand more from corporate resources; they need a more robust endpoint and typically have a more powerful virtualized configuration. 

Thin Client Requirements

The following list is a guideline to verified devices that work well with the Workspot service. Additionally, the configurations of other manufacturers' devices have been reviewed, and based on the published specifications (although not yet verified with the Workspot service), are believed to meet Workspot requirements. However, if an unverified device is proposed for use with Workspot, it is recommended that you work with the thin client provider and Workspot before implementation to ensure the best possible user experience with the device.

  • Dual or Quad core CPU
  • 4GB RAM minimum
  • Flash size to fit OS and future patches
  • Wired connection is recommended, although Wi-Fi is also supported
  • Microsoft RemoteFX (RDP) version 10.x or FreeRDP equivalent to 10.x
    • Device supports H.264 and AVC decoding

Thin Client Endpoints

The following is a list of the thin clients Workspot recommends for use with Workspot VDI and DaaS.

  Basic* Better Best
10Zig 10ZiG 4472 10Zig 5872 10ZiG 5810qw
(Windows 10 IoT)
(Custom Image)
Dell Dell 3030LT Dell Wyse 5020
(Windows 10 IoT)
Requires 8GB RAM
Dell Wyse 5060
(Windows 10 IoT)
Requires 8GB RAM
      Dell Wyse Z90Q10
(Windows 10 IoT)
IGEL UD3-LX 50ac UD5-LX 50ac  
HP HP t520 ThinPro HP t620
(Windows 10 IoT)
Requires 8GB RAM
HP t730
(Windows 10 IoT)
Requires 8GB RAM
      HP t630
(Windows 10 IoT)
Requires 8GB RAM

*Basic – The Workspot client is not installed on the device and users will access their desktops through



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