Workspot Control Release 2.0 (March 31, 2017)

Donald Van Patten -

New Features/Enhancements:

  • RD Pools (Beta) – This new feature allows the IT Administrator to provision RDSH servers configured to publish applications. Optional availability, please talk to your customer service representative to have this feature enabled.
  • Update Image on Log-Off – Changed the semantics to update idle desktops immediately.
  • Support for Nutanix 5.0 AHV.
  • UX Improvements in Add pool, Add Application
    • Security Policy -> Audio Policy enabled by default and always next to Clipboard policy
    • IT Administrators can now sequentially assign Persistent Desktops
    • Improved flow when adding pools by re-order fields in Add Pool

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove Sysprep Upload option for Nutanix (VDI Pool & RD Pool) – When a pool is created using the Nutanix configuration; the answer.xml file is copied to the CDROM Drive of the cloned VM. Modified the Sysprep workflow.
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