Infrastructure Setup

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Audience: This guide is for Control System and Network Administrators and IT personnel.

The infrastructure required to support Workspot in the Cloud or on-premise; and, most likely, is already what you support.

Infrastructure References for Workspot Configuration and Integration

Active Directory Integration (PDF)
Enterprise Connector Configuration Guide
Workspot Network Port Requirements and Security

Workspot VDI 2.0 - Deploying on Hyper-V, Step by Step Configuration Guide (PDF)
Nutanix Integration Configuration Guide
Workspot and Scale Computing Configuration and Integration Guide Workspot for Scale Computing Guide (20170802-1)
VMware vSphere Integration Configuration Guide
Provisioning Desktops - Integration Configuration Guide

Working with User Profile Disks and Best Practices
Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) Configuration and Workspot Integration Guide
How to Enable Time Zone Redirection for Workspot Clients with VDI Desktop(s) and/or RDS Sessions
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2012 - Associating Applications with File Types to Allow the Editing of Documents in Content Repositories

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