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Workspot Clients initiate location detection using "beacons" (internal web servers) as defined in the Workspot Control Location Detector configuration. The location detection configuration is found at Control::Setup->Settings::Location Detector (refer to Configuration section below). Workspot Control Administrators have the ability to specify up to three (3) internal web servers to use as beacons.

These beacons are used to determine whether the client-host (PC or mobile device) is on the corporate LAN (inside) or is accessing resources from a public network. The Workspot Client attempts to connect to the internal web servers to determine the location of the device. If the client can reach any of the specified URLs, then it will treat its location as "inside" the corporate network, and the internal VPN and RDGateway configurations will be bypassed.

(*) This feature will be supported in future releases of the client. Please check the release notes of the specific client platform.


  • Internal beacon requirements:
    • At least one web server that is reachable ONLY from inside the corporate network.
    • The specified web page must not redirect to another page or URL, and it must not require authentication. The Workspot client during location detection looks for a normal (code 200) response.
    • A certificate must be trusted by the client if HTTPS is utilized. If an attempt to connect to a server with a self-signed certificate occurs, the location detection process will fail for that URL.
  • While FQDN configuration is supported, Workspot strongly recommends using the web server's IP address when configuring the feature. Many ISPs for home networks will "hijack" DNS requests that are not resolvable to an internal address, and may return an advertising page for that URL. The Workspot Client will receive this response and, falsely, determine that it is inside the corporate network.


  1. Go to Setup->Settings



  2. Enter the URI of internal sites that will play the role of "beacons".
     (Maximum of three (3) Sites/Web Servers.)
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