Control Reports Error 2224 - Virtual Machine Name Exists Already

Donald Van Patten -

Control Status Reporting a Domain Join Error# 2224 - Computer Account Already Exists

Problem: When viewing pool status in Control, the status shows as “Failed”, the details state “Domain join failed with [Error Code: 2224] The account already exists.”

Cause:  The machine (Computer name) already exists in Active Directory.

Active Directory requires the machine accounts to be unique. During the provisioning process a duplicate machine name was found in another OU. The machine is not able to join the domain.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Delete the existing name in the Active Directory.

  2. Change the OU in workspotConfig.xml so it is the same OU where the existing machine account resides.

  3. Recreate the pool with a different “Naming Prefix” in Control. The VMs will join with the these Computer names.
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