Workspot Network Port Requirements and Security

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The illustration shown in this documents indicates the port requirements for implementing Workspot on-premise. The collection of status, diagnostics, policy broadcasts, provisioning, user assignment, and the integration of Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) requires communication between the various components of Workspot - Control, the Workspot Clients, Desktop agents, and the Enterprise Connector.

Workspot Network Port Requirements

Port: 80 - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol for web traffic (Protocol:TCP, Service:HTTP)
Port: 139 - NETBIOS Session Service (Protocol:TCP,UDP, Service:NETBIOS-SS)
Port: 389 - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Protocol:TCP/UDP,Service:LDAP)
Port: 443 - SSL Encrypted web traffic, Clientless SSL VPN (Protocol:TCP, Service:HTTPS)
Port: 445 - Microsoft-DS (Protocol:TCP,UDP, Service:microsoft-ds)
Port: 3389 - Microsoft Terminal Server (RDP) officially registered as Windows Based Terminal (Protocol:TCP, Service:RDP)



Workspot Control Integration with any of the supported Hyper-convergence Platforms:

Active Directory integration: Sync deleted and disabled users to Control. Enable Active Directory user search for virtual desktop assignments. For more information, see the Active Directory Integration reference <>.

Workspot's Enterprise Connector, see the Enterprise Connector Configuration Guide. <>.


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